Bulk Herbs A-Z

Herb orders must be placed in increments of 1 oz or more per herb; we are gradually adding 4 oz packets of selected herbs. The majority of our herbs are organically grown or ethically wild-crafted. We insist on dried herbs that are fresh, fragrant, and rich in color - or, aged appropriately (e.g. ginseng root). We infuse prayers of healing light and love into every order that we pack. Our company is small, and focuses on quality, ethics, and a spirit of healing first. Dry Creek Herb Farm's dried herbs are Certified organic, Kosher Certified, or ethically wild-gathered - preferably from local sources. Herbs from outside the US are lab tested for sulfites, irradiation, etc., guaranteed to be the highest quality that we can source; and processed, handled, and packed according to strict organic standards. Those of you who attend herbal classes will receive a 15% discount for dried herbs purchased during any class. Attendees of our apprenticeship will be eligible for a discount during the entire apprenticeship experience - in addition to the use of our fragrant herb gardens for your projects.

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