Premixed Formula Powders 1lb.

Each one pound sealed pouch is brimming with nutrient-dense herb food. We search out the finest organic herbs we can find for our premixed formulas. They are not cut with any fillers; the herbs are mixed with precision and attention to detail. Each product is milled, mixed, and carefully packaged in a foil pouch in order to maintain freshness.

Since 2000, when we co-created the Option #2 formula with Stephen Harrod Buhner, (see "Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver," p. 98/99) there have been businesses who have created "knock-offs" of the original formula. These blends are not true to the recipe created by Dry Creek Herb Farm. Additionally, the Buhner formula - and all our teas, skin care, and tincture recipes - are trademarked.

Each of the 13 ingredients is blended according to specific amounts for optimum health. Some of the liver herbs are very strong, and contra-indicated in larger amounts. In 2012, Stephen Harrod Buhner gave an update on his work regarding "Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver." You may access the information at:

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