Classes and Apprenticeship Biographies

Mary Evans-Peterson

Mary loves her work. She is an inspired artist, designer, therapist, and teacher. Her focus is on the cultivation of Spirit: that is, the animating force in life which facilitates loving relationships, robust health, beauty, and success.

Her classes engender a celebration of spirit and the senses, and are filled with hands-on work with the plants. Processes include visioning, meditation, and applying the results of a questionnaire - to herb walks, collage, mask-making, mandala creation, plant cultivation, doll-making, fairy gardens, aromatic immersion, and personal space planning.

She is a Board-Certified Art Therapist, and the founder of Herban Art Therapy, which is based on her work, The Evans Questionnaire for Elemental Preference.She has drawn from the wisdom of the ages regarding: Carl Jung, Asian Five-Element Theory, Systems theory, and the ancient art of herbalism. Feng Shui teachers include Professor Lin Yun, founder of the Black Hat Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and Master Tu, whose lineage harkens back to 1007 A.D. Herb wisdom mentors include Shatoiya de la Tour, Rosemary Gladstar, Stephen Harrod Buhner, and Susun Weed. She has taught Fundamentals of Feng Shui and The Healing Garden with Feng Shui since 1992.

Mary's classes are relaxed, insightful, fun, and connected to Earth Mother's deep, slow, meditative energy. During each event, we endeavor to ease into the timelessness of life and the healing power of our green allies.

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