Spring Cleaning

by Susan A.Smith

INSIDE...It is time to get off the sofa and go outside. Eat lighter, dress lighter. As the days grow warmer and longer, you may actually feel like gardening. Do not get carried away. You do not have to. Lots of weeds are already out there waiting for you to harvest and eat. These bitter greens support the liver and increase digestive fluids to the stomach, pancreas and small intestine: dandelion, chicory, yellow dock, gentian, mugwort and fennel. These salad greens are high in vitamins and minerals: mustard, chickweed, violet, arugula, watercress and miners lettuce. Wonderful weeds for helping the lymph system clear waste from infestions are: red clover, mullein, cleavers.

....and OUT
Only 20%of the four million household chemicals created since 1915 have been tested for adverse effects on people. According to a five-year EPA study, the air in an average American house has chemical contamination 70 times greater than the outdoor air. Our houses are really, really clean, but our children are being poisoned, male sperm counts have dropped 50% since 1938 and housewives have a 55% greater chance of developing cancer than women who work away from home.

Try this instead of ammonia (or whatever all-purpose cleaner you use for countertops, cupboard doors, fingerprints on the light switches). Mix in a spray bottle, 1 cup water, _ cup white vinegar, 6 drops of a nice smelling, disinfectant essential oil (citronella, lemon, grapefruit seed extract, orange, lavender, thyme, cypress). It works.

For another 100 equally effective and easy recipes, order The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier, $12.95.

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