Stephen Buhner's Option #2 - Original

I was diagnosed with HCV in 1992. I have read more research than I can remember. I have gone to support groups and understand about 10x more than they do. All I know is the combination therapy is costly since most patients can't get insurance the the cure rate isn't that great. I have been taking Option #2 for about 5 months and I really have noticed a difference - feeling better physically. I haven't taken any recent blood tests but I understand that this herb mixture won't get rid of HepC i sure feel a lot better.

Chris from Florida...

Stephen Buhner's Option #2 - Original

I have had Hep C for years, I started taking these herbs last month, I went for a blood test last week and all my readings were in normal range. My doctor said my Hep C indicators were the lowest they have been in 10 years. I must add that my whole digestive system feels normal again from stomach aches gone to the color of my stool being normal again after years. Overall, I feel like I am 100% better since taking these herbs. Amazing, yes True, yes, one of the best things I have ever done for myself. A small price to pay for being and feeling well again....

Stephen Buhner's Option #2 - Original

I was contracted with HCV about aprox. 1.5 - 2 years ago. My illness was discovered by coincidence. I started to do some research about hepatitis C and I found out about your farm and Dry Creek's Premixed formula (Stephen Burner formula). I started to drink herbs every evening as adviced in October 2007 and I must say they taste awfully. Before I started to drink the herbs my liver enzyme levels were about 150 iu, after one month of taking herbs they diminished to 30-40 iu.
Nevertheless on 27th Nov. 2007 I started interferon+ribavirin therapy and I had my initial viral load tested (I do believe that thank's to your herbs it was only 18,600 iu of virus in a blood unit) I must say the therapy is not a nice thing itself but let's do not exaggerate - one can stand it. Of course I had fever after injections and flu-like symptons but no depression at all. Moreover, now after 17th injection I really do not have any vital forces - but I work normalny and try not to give up. Of course I've been taking herbs regulary and had my viral load tested again after 9th week of interferon therapy - and MY BLOOD SHOWS NO TRACES OF HCV RNA!!!! What means I am free of virus but I must conduct interferon + robavirin till the end - yet 31 weeks. I believe it is thank's to your herbs and maybe the therapy as well.
Anyhow I would like everybody hope we can fight the HCV Virus and survive interferon if only we do not give up ourselves and do not allow ourselves to suffer from depression.
Lets drink herbs - it really works!!!!
Thanks Mary for your help and BIG HEART!!!!

PS. My husband who also has a HCV virus started to drink the herbs in October 2007, He is going to start interferon therapy in autumn 2008 and I strongly believe that maybe thanks to the herbs chich He gonna take regulary his initial viral load test before the therapy will show either no virus at all or very little amount of virus.

Lots of Love
EWA from Poland...

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